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Production + Midstream Equipment

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O&G Products

Glycol Dehydration Units

Absorber Towers

Gas Production Units

PIG Launcher / Receivers

Filter Separators

Vapor Recovery Towers

Production Separators

Flowback and Test Separators

Sand Separators

Line Heaters

Blow Cases

Meter Skids

Pipe Module Skids

Pipe Spools

Custom Equipment Skids and Pressure Vessels

MFG in Vienna Ohio

Hudson Industries - Oil Water Separators and Oil Skimmers

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Glycol Dehydration Units

Glycol Dehydration Units for removing water vapor from natural gas.  Pipeline erosion and corrosion control.

Reboiler BTU range from 125M to 2.5MM

Absorber Towers with bubble cap, random or structured packing from 8" to 66" capable of handling up to 150MM scf/day of gas.

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Gas Production Unit

Bare or enclosed Gas Production Units with integrated line heater and gas metering.  Capable of up to 25MM scf/day gas and 3000 BBL fluids/day.

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PIG Launcher Receiver

PIG Launcher and Receivers Ranging in size from 8" to 36" Dia.
Skid mounted.  Available in Left hand, Right Hand configuration w/ environmental pan.

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Filter Separators

Vertical or horizontal filter separators for removing contaminates from natural gas streams and protecting downstream equipment.  Quick opening closure.  Available with skid, cat walk and fully accessorized / assembled ready for plug and play, no field assembly required.

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Vapor Recovery Tower

Towers sizes 24" 36" and 48" Diameter


Line Heaters

Line heater ranging in BTU/Hr  output from 250M to 2.5MM.  Coils pressure rating from 1440# to 10,000# with fixed or adjustable choke.


Sand Separators

Standard, Cyclonic or Spherical Sand Separators with pressure ratings from 1440# to 10,000#.


ASME U, U2, R Stamp

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