Starr Manufacturing supports the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays with process equipment and field services tailored to the needs of our region.  Products are locally manufactured at our facility in Vienna, Ohio.  Starr has the capability to design, manufacture, service and rebuild the equipment vital to the oil and gas industry.  As traditional job shop, Starr can produce to your drawings and specifications or design and build finished product for you.

Starr is ideally located to offer fast local support with the focus on the needs of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia producers and operators.  Our manufacturing facility features 133,000 sq/ft of space with ASME U and R stamp capabilities to produce new or to modify and repair existing pressure vessels.  As a one stop solution for your production equipment needs Starr has a reputation for quality products and outstanding life cycle support.

Our engineering and project management has 25+ years of exploration and production experience along with a solid business development background.  Please see our products below.  Please contact us today to support your well pad, gathering station, compressor station or processing facility needs.

Pig Launcher / Receiver
SMI PIG Launcher / Receivers can be custom engineered to fit any size pipeline operation. Standard models include 10"-14" and 12"-16".

Gas Metering System / Skid
SMI offers standard and custom gas metering skids or meter tubes for your gas measurement and custody transfer needs.

Sand Separators / Sand Catchers
SMI sand separators rated from 3500 PSI to 10,000 PSI are the first line of defense for your valuable production equipment.

Vertical Separator
SMI can manufacture production separators to your design or design and build custom solutions for your specific gas conditions.

Slug Catcher
SMI can manufacture production slug catchers to your design or design and build custom solutions for your specific conditions.

Coalescing Oil Water Separator w/ Auto Skimmer
Hudson Industries Oil Water Separators with automatic skimmers can efficiently gather additional hydrocarbons from your wastewater stream for remediation while generating additional revenue.

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